Event PCA Pikachu birthday #13: Rocket Shop (Strasbourg) 11/26

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We are pleased to announce the next PCA event for the month of December! We'll meet you on November 26th at Rocket Shop in Strasbourg. 


What is the PCA event? 

Just like the first Pikachu birthday events organized, it will be possible to drop off your Pikachu birthday cards to be engraved with the 25th label for free!


Reminder of the rules

In parallel to the Pikachu Anniversary campaign, we will also be able to take orders on site. The unit price will be 17 euros for an assured processing time of 6 weeks. Each card will be automatically insured up to 250 euros. There are no postal charges, our team will pick up and drop off your cards in person. Please note that you will need to come back to Strasbourg  after 1.5 months to pick up your cards. Make sure you come with your top loaders and sleeves (they will be given back to you when your cards are returned). Also plan to pay by card, cash will not be accepted. Important, in order to facilitate the order taking on site and to reduce the waiting time, we ask you to create a PCA account and to add your address in advance. This is the first day of the Strasbourg Christmas market, for this reason we decided to limit the number of people every 30 minutes in order not to overload the store. The store is located in the center of the city, feel free to enjoy the Christmas market until the time of your reservation. We ask that you arrive at the store only at the time of your reservation. A PCA staff will then let you in. 

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 Saturday November 26
from 10:30am to 8pm 
76 Grand Rue, 67000 Strasbourg



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