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Event PCA 2022 Pikachu Birthday

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As you may know, during the year 2021 we experimented with the organization of different PCA physical events. These test events went well and that's why we will organize many more in 2022. In order to mark this year 2022 and on the occasion of the different future events we are launching a campaign to reward your presence! It will be possible to deposit for gradation free of charge a Pikachu Birthday card.

Rules of the campaign :

- 1 Birthday Pikachu per person per event
- All languages of the Birthday Pikachu Celebration are allowed 
- Pikachu will be graded with the 25th label only, there will be no grades.
- It is up to you to provide the Pikachu card

Return policy will be defined according to the event. Further information specific to each event will be communicated in due course. Other ways of grading your birthday Pikachu will also be available during the year.


The first PCA 2022 event will be coming soon. Follow us on our social networks to make sure you don't miss out!



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