The advantages

The best protection

PCA calls on experts in plastics processing for tailor made protection, using Plexiglas, strong plastic reputed for its transparency and UV resistance
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A precise and fair system for grading

Used for your cards to meet collectors' requirements. A strict scale for ranking has been set up according to various criteria to remove the subjectivity of self-assessment.
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The worth of your cards will be enhanced

Your most beautiful cards will be made even more beautiful thanks to our protective holder with its sleek design. Your rarest cards will be made even more desirable thus giving them a better chance of increasing in value
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PCA EasyPack

PCA EasyPack service powered by DHL allows you to benefit from a unique, personalized, and secure service. With DHL, your cards are collected directly from your home. Take control of returns with On Demand Delivery.
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Look the authenticity of a card

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