Reduced processing time and new offers

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New turnaround


We have been working hard for over a year now to reduce our processing time. In September 2021, our processing time was close to 1 year. It has gradually decreased over the course of 2022 to stabilize at 6 months by mid 2022. We have some production numbers to detail for you: 



Non sealed cards

Cards received

% of sealed cards


























Comments: July was 90% processed because it was the PCA TOUR period when the website was not taking orders. In reality, the 90% of cards processed came from the July events. 


After many months of waiting and all the efforts invested in improving our processing time, today we are happy to announce that our current processing time has decreased again! 


We are now able to process your orders within 4 months.


There are currently 26,611 cards in the workshop waiting to be sealed. Our production is progressing at an average rate of 10,911 cards per month, or 511 cards per working day (Monday-Friday). We estimate that we will process all cards currently in the workshop by mid to late December. This gives us a current processing time of between 3.5 and 4 months. Assuming that our number of cards received by the end of December remains stable, we will be able to get down to a processing time of 2 months from the end of December.


What are the new offers? 


  • Return of the Fast (1 month processing): It is now possible to send your cards for grading within 1 month! Our processing capacity has been improved enough to be able to provide this service again without delay. However, in order not to be overloaded, we have decided to set a limit of 3,000 Fast cards in the workshop. This means that as soon as we have reached this 3,000 card limit, the Fast service will be cut off while we process the cards already in the workshop without any risk of delay.


  • Return of the Excelsior (1-day processing): we are also bringing back the Excelsior 1-day service. However, it is exclusively reserved for hand delivery. This offer will allow those who have very nice cards (for example, by chance a Pikachu Illustrator) to be able to protect them as soon as possible.


  • New Bulk Offer: This is a brand new offer. This offer only works for a processing time of 4 months. It will be applied automatically when you have selected 25 or more cards of the same declared value range in your cart. You will benefit from the Bulk Offer discount.


  • Declared value tiers simplified: This is the end of the old complicated 7 tier declared value system. We have simplified the tiers to 4: from €1 to €99, from €100 to €999, from €1,000 to €10,000 and finally over €10,000. If you don't know what the declared value is used for, go to our FAQ


  • Price changes: we present you the new PCA offers which are already live on the website.


 You can also find them on our Prices page


Processing time/Declared Value

1 to 99 €

100 to 999 €

1000 to 10 000 €

More than 10 000 €

Classic - 4 months

Bulk : Starting from 25 cards

14,90 €

12,90 €

26,90 €

22,90 €

79,90 €

390 €

Fast - 1 month

24,90 €

39,90 €

149 €

490 €

Excelsior - 1 day 
Only with hand delivery

149 €

199 €

249 €

590 €




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