How to grade a signed card?

article-image PCA   ●  26/09/2022  ●   2 min read

As you may know, this weekend (October 1st and 2nd) the Toulouse Game Show will take place in Pau.  The TGS Pau is a family show where during 2 days, the visitors can stroll, and go to meet associations, proposing animations, mixed with traders and editors. This will to mix professionals (retailers, publishers), and associations is one of the assets of the show, which allows to leave nobody aside. This event will offer a lot of content related to Pokemon, including the presence of Mitsuhiro Arita himself. It will be possible to discuss with him and especially to have items signed, including cards. If you want to grade your signed card and protect a beautiful souvenir of this meeting with Mr.Arita, it is possible to grade cards signed by illustrators only.



In this case the process is simple. You must take pictures when you sign the card. These photos will be used as evidence to grade your card. We invite you to take a photo (or video) of the illustrator when he signs the card and if possible a photo/selfie on which appear the signed card, you and the illustrator. Once you have placed your order and sent your signed card, you only have to send the proofs to our support through the contact form.



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