PCA closes the order taking from July 4th to July 29th included. Reopening on July 30th. For more information, click here.

PCA TOUR #1 : Events july 2022

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We are pleased to announce the first PCA TOUR! This is a series of PCA events scattered throughout France, Switzerland and Belgium during the month of July. It will be possible to drop off your cards and birthday Pikachu during these events. In order to ensure the smooth running of these events we have taken an important decision: 

⚠️ The PCA website will be closed and will not accept any orders during the whole month of July ⚠️


We have made this decision for several reasons. It is obviously impossible for us to run so many events in July while continuing to accept new cards via the website. Closing the website for the month of July will allow us to control the number of cards accepted on the PCA TOUR. This will allow our team to process event cards and focus on the remaining backlog. Our goal is to be back to a processing time between 2 and 3 months at the beginning of the school year.


What is a PCA event?

In the same way as the first Pikachu birthday events, it will be possible to drop off your Pikachu birthday cards to be graded with the 25th label for free!

Reminder of the rules

In parallel to the Birthday Pikachu campaign, we will also be able to take orders on site. The number of cards accepted will be limited! The unit price will be 15 euros for a guaranteed processing time of one and a half months. Each card will be automatically insured up to 250 euros. No postal charges are to be expected, our team will pick up and drop off your cards in person. Please note that you will need to come back to the event location 1.5 months later to pick up your cards.


Dates and locations:

More details on the different events will come later on our blog and social networks.


July 9th - Geneva

Unfortunately, the card drop-off will not be available during the Geneva event because the customs imposes us too much logistics. Nevertheless, it will be possible to drop off your birthday Pikachu. Moreover, we will offer on site several new PCA products for sale.  

July 16th - Liege

July 23 - Pegomas

July 29 - Bordeaux* 

July 30 - Nimes


*Date subject to change


We hope to see many of you,

the PCA team.



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