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PCA UPDATE #17 : 10/03/2022
PCA UPDATE #17 : 10/03/2022
PCA  ●   03/10/2022  ●   2 min read

Here is the 17th PCA update on the activity at the end of September. The production is starting again at a good pace, the figures are encour...

Light on Dark Pokémon #3:
PCA  ●   02/01/2022  ●   3 min read

Today we're going to do a quick light on Dark Pokémon cards! In April 2000 (in English) and March 2011 (in French) the first set introducing...

Light on LV.X Pokémon #2:
PCA  ●   24/12/2021  ●   3 min read

Today we're going to make a quick light on the Pokémon LV.X cards! In May (in English) and November (in French) 2007, the first set of the D...

Light on Pokémon Prime #1:
PCA  ●   17/12/2021  ●   3 min read

The release of the Celebration set during the month of October came with a certain hint of nostalgia. If you knew Pokémon before 2016, Cele...

PCA UPDATE #1 : 12/06/2021
PCA  ●   06/12/2021  ●   2 min read

PCA's activity has been increasing over the last few months and so has the processing time. There is of course an order tracking system avai...

PCA  ●   08/07/2021  ●   0 min read



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