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PCA UPDATE #17 : 10/03/2022
PCA UPDATE #17 : 10/03/2022
PCA  ●   03/10/2022  ●   2 min read

Here is the 17th PCA update on the activity at the end of September. The production is starting again at a good pace, the figures are encour...

PCA UPDATE #8 : 05/01/2022
PCA  ●   02/05/2022  ●   3 min read

Here is the 8th PCA update coming back on the activity of the end of April. Unfortunately we could not provide a PCA Update during the middl...

What is Pokemon? Special episode
PCA  ●   18/04/2022  ●   4 min read

When we talk about Shiny Pokémon, we can't help but think of the Grail they represent in the video game. When they were created in Pokémon G...

What is Pokemon? Épisode VI : Dragons Exalted
PCA  ●   13/04/2022  ●   7 min read

What is Pokémon ? Episode VI : Dragons Exalted GLOBAL PRESENTATION The sixth series of the Black and White set is Dragons Exalted, and this...

What is Pokémon? Episode V: Diamond & Pearl Base
PCA  ●   13/04/2022  ●   7 min read

What is Pokémon ?Episode V : Diamond and Pearl GLOBAL PRESENTATIONHolographic Dialga from Diamond and Pearl. The Ex set ends with Power Kee...

PCA UPDATE #7 : 04/01/2022
PCA  ●   01/04/2022  ●   3 min read

This is the 7th PCA update on the activity of the end of March. The work on the 3rd machine is almost finished. We will normally be able to ...



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